The day he ripped his pants: A classy 6b-interview with singer Sasha (Engl.)

The day he ripped his pants: A classy 6b-interview with singer Sasha (Engl.)

© Foto: Olaf Heine

Sasha is a German pop singer who was born in 1972 in Soest under the name Sascha Schmitz. His first of eight albums was „Dedicated to…“ in 1998. His star sign is Capricorn. With the help of our English teacher Mr. Kolb we – the 6b – had the possibility to interview him – in English.

Celina asks: What do you regret most?

Hmmm … actually that I haven’t become a father way earlier … because it is the most wonderful thing in the world. 

Leon asks:  How did you begin with music?

In my room with an old cassette recorder … and a guitar, I recorded my voice and listened to it to check if it is good … the time I thought, well, that’s ok, I started playing with a friend on the street.

Do people recognise you in the streets?

Yes. Sometimes they ask for a picture, sometimes they are too shy. 

Felix asks: How many songs did you write?

Ughhhh, I can’t count them anymore… 300 !? 

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What are your favourite songs?

From my own songs? „Gorilla“. And from my favorite singer Prince it is: „sometimes it snows in April“!

Amelie asks: What was your childhood dream?

Becoming a paediatrician. 

What is your best song in your opinion?

Good question … sorry, I can’t really decide.

Sasha live in concert. © Olaf Heine
Kherhat asks: Are you still nervous when you sing before an audience? 

Absolutely, and it is important to have that – makes it all more exciting. 

When was the first time you did something in front of a camera? 

A VIVA-interview together with Young Deenay –  I was soooooo nervous. 

Hadi asks: Are you vegetarian or vegan?

No. I eat meat, but I have a very good butcher who only buys his meat from a sustainable farm in the old land near Hamburg. I think balanced nutrition is very important. 

What was your most embarrassing moment?

In one of my first shows – my pants ripped …

Lennart asks: Who is your idol? 


What is your dream car? 

A Cadillac

Vinizia asks: What do you want to do when you finished singing? 

Holidays :-).

Do you have a lucky charm? And what is it? 

My Wife. 

What do you do when you have a bad day?

I allow myself to eat a lot of ice cream. That always lifts me up.

Jakob asks: How good were you at school?

Not really good, only in sports …

Helena asks: Did you ever write a bad mark (6)?

I have to be honest, right? Yes, I had it once or twice.

Eduard asks: What do you watch on YouTube? 

Music videos and Jimmy-Fallon-Videos.

Johanna asks: Which star do you like the most? 


Which country do want to visit?


What is your least favourite food? 


Silas asks: Do you have a sister or a brother?

Yes, I have a younger brother. He is eight years younger and his name is Norman. 

Do you have a wife and children? 

Yes, my wife Julia and my one-year-old son, Otto. 

Breakfast in bed. © Foto: Olaf Heine
Hannah S. asks: Have you ever been late for a concert?

Yes once – the train was late.

Jeremy asks: Did you ever win a price?

Yes, actually a few, like the Bambi, Bravo Otto, Goldene Kamera, a few Echos, Radio Regenbogen-Preis … and so on. 

Connor asks: Do you believe in God?

I believe in energy!

Mata asks: Where did you go to school and how was it?

I had to change school a lot, but the last school was the Conrad von Soest Gymnasium – where I graduated from High School. And I am honest, school wasn’t my favorite thing, but I am very happy that I have my Abitur! 

Hanna L. asks: How often do you sing a day?

A lot – in front of my son.

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